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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Open Letter To Bangladeshi Hindus

Collected this note from Facebook,
It is written by Rabindra Nath Roy,a Hindu Right Activist of Bangladesh.

This article shows inherent anti Hindu propaganda by Bangladeshi Govt. by the education system.

Dear Brother and Sisters-in faith,
Namashkar. Hope everyone is fine and doing well in your respective fields--- jobs and careers, study, research, business as well as family management. Hope you all have your New Year wishes fulfilled long before the end of 2010 and progress in every sphere continues.

I know you all are busy and have little time to read notes from a non-entity like me. So, I shall not take your invaluable time. It is a personal feeling-sharing note, so to say. Whenever, there is news of conversion, wherever there is humiliation of my faith, my heart bleeds. I just want to share such a feeling that came out of humiliation of my belovedgoddess Kali, my Mother,and the Hindu community in one of the textbooks distributed and published by the National Curriculum &Textbook Board of Bangladesh.

Please, read the Bangla transliteration of the humiliation before I give its interpretation in English:

"Srijanshil prashno:

2. udhritangshoti paro ebong nicher proshnogulor uttar dao:

khola mathe mamun o tar bandhu teer chhora khelchhilo. hotath mather ek prante kali mandire kalimurtir nake teer lege murtir nak bhenge jai. mandirer purohit ramesh e bishoye abhijog korle shalishi board mamunke kshama chaite bole ebong tar babake apor ekti kali murti toiri kore dite bole. a raay ramesh mene nay na. she oi kalir naker badole mamuner nak katte chay.

ka. kali muritr nak kibhabe bhenge jay?
kha. purohit ramesh ki dharoner lok chhilo--- barnona karo.
ga. uddhritangshatuku tomar pathito 'merchant of venice' galper kon dik theke sadrishyopurno---juktisaho uposthapon karo.
gha. udhritangsher purohit ramesh ebong tomar pathito 'merchant of venice' galper shylock charitrer tulonamulok alochona karo.

a translation of the text is given here:

read the excerpt and answer the questions that follow:

mamun and his friend were playing in an open field. suddenly the nose of the idol of kali is broken in a kali temple in one corner of the field. the shalishi board tells mamun to ask for forgiving him and make another idol for the broken one as the clergy of the temple ramesh brings the matter to it. ramesh does not accept it and demands mamun's nose for kali's.

a. how was the nose of kali idol broken?
b. what type of a man was ramesh---describe.
c. explain logically how the excerpt is symmetrical with the story 'merchant of venice'?
d. give an analogy between the character of ramesh and shyloc as read in 'merchant of venice'.


name of the book: anandapath
type of the book: rapid reader
published by: bangladesh government, nctb
compulsory for: class eight students
story name: merchant of venice
page no: 45
compiled and edited by:

professor fatema chowdhury
dr. sarkar abdul mannan
ziaul hasan
nurun nahar
matiur rahman

i think:

1. the proposition in the question is a humiliation of the goddess kali.
2. this question is directed at humulitating hindu students and hindus in general.
3. the question has been set with the dirty purpose of inducing communalism in young minds.
4. this question has been set to justify 'break idol' culture that exists in our country.
5. ramesh is representative of the hindus in bangladesh.

let me know how you view the matter, please, when an ex-communist gentleman is our in charge of our education ministry and the party running the government is said to be a secular one.

many of my friends have tried to persuade me into not talking of community issues the way i do. i do not want to stop. what do you say?

looking forward to hearing from you.

take care,

best regards,

rabindro roy
your brother-in-faith

[ps: please, check out the photos of the book]

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Was Islam spread by sword- Zakir Naik

Courtesy: Satyagni

Was Islam spread by sword- Zakir Naik

This article series on ‘Islamic invasion in India’ is contributed by Rushmore, the active member of Satyagni team.
Once a Pakistani little boy asked his father- “Abba Ji! Was there water all over Pakistan before Muhammad Bin Qasim came?” Who are the Muslims of Indian Subcontinent- India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and even Afghanistan? Who were their ancestors when Muhammad Bin Qasim was not even born? In spite of the fact that many of the sub continent Muslims think they belong to Arabs, the truth remains that their ancestors were Hindus and Buddhists. We know this truth brings thunderbolts to many subcontinent Muslims because it makes them inferior in front of Arabs in Sunnat of prophet (to be like Muhammad) which has direct say in getting heaven or hell hereafter. In order to convince themselves and of course Allah and Muhammad that they are no less Arabs, Mullahs in the subcontinent preach the gullible masses to ape Arabs in every possible field starting from worshipping in a language which is alien to them (Arabic) to using odd number of stones and dirt instead of water while cleansing…
The purpose of this article series is not to create hatred of one community among rest. Rather the objective is to help the scared and confused subcontinent Muslims come out of identity crisis and recognize their roots which are Indian and not Arabic for sure. This series aims at reminding Muslims the atrocities brought down to their ancestors as the price of becoming Muslims from Hindus. Those friends, who happily accept being called as slaves/apes of Arabs but feel shame in calling India as Mother and ancestral land, are requested to read it carefully. This is the challenge to all fanatic Mullahs and pseudo historians who are trying tooth and nail to fill hatred of ancestors and ancestral land in the hearts of already filled gullible Muslims.
Our message to Muslims- You are our Brothers and Sisters. You did not attack India you did not rule India but you were attacked and were ruled. You are natives, sharing with us the common ancestry. Jihadis from Arab and central Asia attacked us and made you slaves (as will be proven in this series). They don’t even consider you pure Muslims. So its high time that you give up this symbol of humiliation and slavery of 1000 years and come back to your original ancestral faith of Vedas. We are here to welcome you.
Our message to Hindus- Indian Subcontinent Muslims did not attack us as they are no outsiders but are natives and were Hindus. They were the real sufferers who had to give sacrifices of lives of dear and near ones during the Jihadi onslaught and still couldn’t save their faith. They are those who got converted at the point of sword with no second option. They have started hating us now because of their own troubles and our reluctance of taking them back in our Dharma which was/is their right. So its our foremost duty to convince them in most compassionate manner to come back to our/their Dharma.
There prevails a sick defeated mentality in subcontinent that believes in making people ostriches who bury their heads in sand when see any danger. Most of the Mullahs like Zakir Naik and Imam Bukhari suffer from this ailment. They believe in moving the goalpost after they have shot. Instead of facing truth and recognizing the problems they deny the existence of problems by twisting the facts, denouncing logic and distorting history. They are like a school kid who answers the questions he knows the solution for in a test and cries for rest of the questions as out of syllabus or incorrect!
The fanatic supporter of Osama Bin Laden, Taliban, and peace (?), Zakir Naik, who claims to be the expert/student of Islam and Hinduism without knowing Arabic and Sanskrit has his interesting thesis over Islamic invasion and conversion of Hindus in India. This expert of Islam, Hinduism, Sikhism, Buddhism, Jainism, Christianity, Judaism and all other isms in the world, has now become expert of history also. He claims that Islam was spread by intellectual sword instead of steel. He argues that Muslims ruled India for 1000 years and if Muslims would want, they could have converted each Hindu at the point of sword. In this articles series we will puncture this argument to the full.
All true Historians across the board agree that Islam in India was spread by force of sword. Actually any person who argues that Islam was spread peacefully and there were no forced conversions of Hindus in the reigns of Islamic rulers, ceases to be a historian! It is because by saying this, he goes against the very accounts, chronicles and biographies of Muslim rulers written by THEMSELVES and THEIR STOOGES. This article series will highlight only few examples from the vast accounts from Islamic rulers and Historians of atrocities, plunder, kill, rape, enslavement, and forced conversion Jihadis caused to the natives of India.
We have divided this work into two categories. First one to analyze the arguments of Jihadis of modern times in the support of peaceful history of Islamic spread in the subcontinent and the other one to let the facts speak for themselves. This article presents the logical analysis of Jihadi Zakir Naik’s arguments. So here we go with his video and subsequently the analysis of main points raised by him therein
1. Zakir: Islam was spread by sword means peace was spread by sword because Islam means peace.
0. We couldn’t understand the point Jihadi Zakir is trying to make here. If some person named Aman (means peace) detonates a bomb and kills hundreds, does it mean he should not be given punishment because his name means peace?
1. So Islam means peace and Muslim means peaceful. So why not translate the below news –
“Talibani Muslim blew up the suicide jacket in a Muslim area and killed N no of Muslims to establish Islamic rule”
“Talibani peaceful blew up the suicide jacket in a peaceful area and killed N no of peaceful to establish peace”
(Unless Zakir Naik calls Taliban and Al Qaida terrorists as Kafirs, the above translation is perfect as per his dictionary!)
2. Zakir: Just like many common misnomers such as earth is flat, squared triangle, and 2+2=5, Islamic terrorism is also a misnomer. Islam and terrorism are exactly opposite.
0. Misnomers of Flat earth, squared triangle, and 2+2=5 might be popular in Jihadi camps due to their beliefs in center of earth at surface, geocentric model of universe, and lack of basic mathematics skills but they are no longer misnomers for outside world.
1. BTW aren’t Jihadis expert in coining misnomers? Just look at following lines that splash all around the cyberspace on Jihadi websites these days
Quran has scientific miracles
Miracle of moon breaking is scientifically proven
 Islam teaches equal treatment of free and slave
One wonders because if miracle, by definition, is something that can not be explained by science then how wise it is to use ‘scientific’ before miracle? If moon breaking is scientific i.e. as per scientific laws, then does it not cease to be miracle in first place? And among free and slaves, how the hell equality saves a slave from being a slave?
2. We agree with “Islam and terrorism are exactly opposite” completely. But it is to be noted that terrorism as per Islam is a bit different from rest of others. Lets see what Quran has to say about terrorism and how Islam deals with this
If a man kills a believer intentionally, his recompense is Hell, to abide therein [For ever]: And the wrath and the curse of Allah are upon him, and a dreadful penalty is prepared for him. [4:93]
Sahih Bukhari 9/83/50:
Narrated Abu Juhaifa: I asked `Ali “Do you have anything Divine literature besides what is in the Qur’an?”… Ali said,… we have nothing except what is in the Qur’an …and what is written in this sheet of paper.” I asked, “What is on this paper?” He replied, “…. and the judgment that no Muslim should be killed in Qisas (equality in punishment) for killing a Kafir (disbeliever).
So here we go, as per Islam, killing a Muslim intentionally brings death penalty to the killer in this world and hell hereafter. But on the other hand if a Muslim kills a Kafir (non believer) even intentionally, he is not to be put to death and neither this is any sin for which he is denied houris of heaven!
So terrorism has been defined as “killing of Muslims” in Islam and this is surely against Islam!
3. Zakir: The famous historian de lacy o’leary says that fanatical Muslims across the world forcing Islam at the point of the sword is the most fantastic absurd myth historians have ever repeated.
0. Ten times more famous historian than de lacy, Will Durant writes in his book- The Story of Civilization page 505:The Mohammedan conquest of India is probably the bloodiest story in history“. The Islamic historians and scholars have recorded with great glee and pride of the slaughters of Hindus, forced conversions, abduction of Hindu women and children to slave markets and the destruction of temples carried out by the warriors of Islam during 800 AD to 1700 AD. Millions of Hindus were converted to Islam by sword during this period.
1. Now the fight remains as to which of these two historians is higher authority? For this we will direct our readers to the chronicles and accounts of the Ghazis themselves in the next articles who have, with full pride, written volumes on how they attacked India and made it Dar ul Islam from Dar ul Harb.
2. Famous historian of Zakir Jihadi, de lacy, has however researched on Islamic conquest also and writes in How Greek science passed to the Arabs, the following
It is a debated point whether Muhammad intended his religion to be a universal one, or for the Arabs alone…. It is necessary for all Arabs to believe in Muhammad if they are to escape hell (Muslim, i, 54), but it is not stated to be necessary for non-Arabs to believe…. As regards the non-Arab world, the Qur’an seems to contemplate conquest rather than conversion (Qur., ix, 19-23)….. But these passages fall far short of a definite missionary command to go forth and preach Islam to all the nations of the earth.

So here the famous historian of Zakir Naik makes some interesting points which may not equally comfort Jihadis, for example
a. It is unclear whether Muhammad came with a universal religion or an Arabic one!
b. Islam is unclear on the necessity of accepting Muhammad as messenger by Non Arabs!
d. There are no commands for Muslims to preach Islam to other nations than Arabs in Quran!
We would like to see the comments of Zakir Bhai MBBS on his famous historian’s take on Islam itself. Zakir Bhai says there is no compulsion in religion and Islam means peace but his famous historian says that Quran believes in conquest instead of conversion :(

4. Zakir: “We” Muslims ruled Spain for 800 years, “we” Muslims- the Arabs are the lord of the Arab land for last 1400 years, but still 14 million Coptic Christians live in Arab, “we” Muslims ruled India for 1000 years, but still 80% population of India is Non Muslim. If we would want, we could have converted each and every Hindu at the point of the sword but we didn’t do it
0. Did the readers notice “we Muslims”? Isn’t it quite interesting that a person with Hindu lineage ‘Naik’ is claiming co ruling with Arabs and Mughals over Spain, Arab, and India for thousand years? :) Isn’t it funny if a neo converted tribal Christian in Orissa starts claiming that we Christians ruled India for 200 years, grew industries and railways for tribal and uneducated people of India!
1. So Zakir Naik believes that if Coptic Christians in Arab, Hindus in India and Christians in Spain managed to survive their culture during Islamic rule then this is the proof that Islam didn’t force non Muslims to Islam. Great! But is this a valid logic? What if we apply this logic on
a. Pagans of Arabia who were 100% before advent of Islam but today even their traces are not found in Arab
b. Zoroastrians of Iran who are not found in today’s Iran
c. Hindus and Buddhists of today’s Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Kashmir who constitute less than 1% of the population today but used to constitute 100% some 1400 years ago
d. And all the Non Arab nations and their natives who were 100% Non Muslims before Islam came and are 100% Muslims today?
If Zakir’s logic has to be true, he will have to accept that Islam was spread by sword in Arab, Persia, Today’s Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, and all Muslim countries who used to be Non Muslims before Islamic invasions and are now almost 100% Islamic. Whom are you fooling Jihadi Zakir?
2. The reason of survival of Hindus in India was the presence of warriors like Durgadas Rathore, Rana Sanga, Maharana Pratap, Shivaji, Guru Govind Dingh, Banda Vairagi, Chhatrasaal, Krishnadev Rai and innumerable Hindu warriors of North-East who used to show the path of Jannah to Ghazi invaders in the battlefields. Muslim historian of Akbar, Badayuni, who also took part in famous Haldighati battle wrote- “There is not even a single race among Pathans and Mughals which can equal Hindus in valor and martial arts.” Islamic historians such as Ghulam Ali and Murtaza Hussain write- “Ten Maratha soldiers are sufficient for more than twenty well built Pathan warriors” [Ref: Hindu Itihas: Veeron ki daastaan by Rajesh Arya]

5. Zakir: It was the sword of intellect that forced Non Muslims to convert to Islam. Quran [16:125] commands every Muslim to argue with others and bring them to Islam through dialogues
0. Why are both ‘preachers’ and ‘converted’ intellectuals who preached and converted to Islam through intellect have been the most gullible people of all times? Where are these intellectuals who are expected to participate in intellectual activities like science and technologies?
1. Anyway Mullah Zakir Naik is in full swing with his Taqiyya (lying sanctioned by Islam to deceit Kafirs)! He quotes Quran [16:125] which has been canceled by Ayah e Saif or the verse of sword [9:5] which asks Muslims to slay idolaters wherever they are found.  This Taqiyya is well exposed by none other than Zakir’s co terrorist Israr Ahmed, prominent Islamic scholar from Pakistan and an eminent speaker of Peace (?) TV of Zakir Naik. Please see at 3:48 in the below video and you would know what is the reality of the intellectual sword of Islam
He says- what we (Muslims) told Non Muslims (during conquest) that either you accept Islam and be equal to us or live as inferiors to us in Islamic state or let our swords decide!
We now suggest Zakir Naik to clarify as to which one of these two is lying, he himself or Israr?
2. Zakir’s Taqiyya is also busted by the most authentic Sunni Tafsir of Quran by Ibn Kathir, in the verse [3:110] and it says
“You, Muslims, are the best nation of people for the people, you bring them tied in chains on their necks (capture them in war) and they later embrace Islam.”
3. During Muslim rule in India, not just people got converted to Islam but places and animals were also converted (oops reverted as per ZN)! Karnavati was converted to Ahmedabad and Prayag accepted Islam and became Allahabad. In the battle of Haldighati, elephant of Maharana Pratap named Ramprasad was captured by Akbar’s forces and he made Ramprasad accept Islam to become Peerprasad! Just asking Zakir Naik, were the cities and animals also intellectual enough to get convinced by Islamic intellectual sword?
6. Zakir: The only religion accepted by Allah is Islam which means peace! [9:33] 
0. So finally Zakir ends up shooting his own foot! Allah will kill you if you don’t bow to Islam which means peace :) It resembles with the example we gave in the starting where we proved that Taliban are peaceful because they spread peace to the peaceful people by killing them in blasts (which are noisy BTW)!
In the end, we share with our readers two accounts of two most respected Jihadis in the subcontinent, Muhammad Bin Qasim and Mahmoud of Ghazna IN THEIR OWN WORDS (historian Zakir Naik can still deny these bare facts because Islam means peace but for others, it is time to think)
Muhammad Bin Qasim writes to Hijaj Bin Yusuf, The Caliph- The forts of Siwistán and Sísam have been already taken. The nephew of Dáhir, his warriors, and principal officers have been despatched, and the infidels converted to Islám or destroyed. Instead of idol temples, mosques and other places of worship have been built, pulpits have been erected, the Khutba is read, the call to prayers is raised, so that devotions are performed at the stated hours. The takbír and praise to the Almighty God are offered every morning and evening.
 Tarikh-i-Yamini of Utbi (regarding Mahmoud of Ghazna) contains- (At Thanesar) The blood of the infidels flowed so copiously, that the stream was discoloured, notwithstanding its purity, and people were unable to drink it. Had not night come on and concealed the traces of their flight, many more of the enemy would have been slain. The victory was gained by God’s grace, who has established Islám for ever as the best of religions, notwithstanding that idolaters revolt against it. The Sultán returned with plunder which it is impossible to recount.—Praise be to God, the protector of the world, for the honour he bestows upon Islám and Musulmáns!

More such accounts will be discussed in subsequent articles which will clearly prove that denying the bloodshed during Islamic reign is itself the biggest lie historians (?) like Zakir Naik have ever produced. Now in the end we share a video from Pakistan in which famous intellectuals of Pakistan are shedding tears on distortion of history of Islam in Indian subcontinent. Readers will find that not everything is lost and there are still few people left in Muslim society who do not mince the truth and love their pre Islamic culture.
For those readers who don’t understand Urdu, we give here important points made by the scholars in the video
1. Pakistani Muslims celebrated the memories of Alexander the great near the banks of Chinab and called him Sikander e Azam thinking that he was a Muslim and he defeated Hindu King Porus!
2. It was not Alexander but Porus who won the battle! But Porus, being Hindu, is downplayed against Alexander by Muslims of subcontinent!
3. Muslims are masters in distorting history.
4. Islamic rulers were so much against the education, science and technology that when someone offered Shahzahan a printing press, he refused saying it is disgusting and deserves hatred (Lanati)!
5. The biggest base on US military is in Qatar and the Caliph there admits that we are thankful to US because if they wouldn’t establish their base in our country, it would have been already invaded and conquered by rest of Arab countries!
6. Pakistani policy makers have now decided to exclude Ashoka and Chandragupt Mourya from the history of subcontinent because they were Hindus!
7. Muhammad Bin Qasim did not come to Sind on the call of a woman as foolishly glorified and taught to Muslims. He had attempted twice already to capture Sind before he is said to have come on the call of a girl!
8. Mahmoud of Ghazna burnt whole city of Lahore during one of his invasions. These are blatant lies that Mahmoud Ghaznavi made Lahore the cultural center as thought by many.
9. It is false that Subcontinent Muslims ruled India for 600 Years. It were invaders of Central Asia and Iran etc who ruled.
10. Mughals hated Indians too much and Baburnama is the evidence of their hatred.
11. No native Muslim (converted from Hindu) was considered to be Sultan of Muslims.
12. It is false that Babur, Akbar and other Mughals loved India. They hated India and its culture so much that they used to have Persian as official language in courts and Turkish in their homes ignoring native languages.
So with this we end the article. Next few articles will be based on bare facts that will prove that Muslims of subcontinent were Hindus originally and were forced to accept Islam. In this article we have shown the fallacy in the arguments of fanatics like Zakir Naik who want to build their case on lies. They don’t want Muslims to return to their ancestral faith but it Muslims themselves who have to decide whether to continue turning the blind eyes from the truth or to accept the truth and come back to their culture and Dharma.

Let the truth prevail!

'Eating beef is un-Islamic if there is ban':Darul-Uloom, Deoband

 "Muslims must refrain from cow slaughter, beef eating or trading in cow hide," Islamic seminary Darul-Uloom, Deoband, issued an edict on Friday.

"Meat eaters can opt for buffaloes, goats, chicken and fish. Shariat doesn't allow beef-eating if it's prohibited under law," Deoband's fatwa department head Mufti Habibur Rehman said.

Rehman, fatwa department's head for more than two decades, issued the fatwa in response to a query by a Muzaffarnagar resident, Haji Mohammad Israr. A small time farmer, Israr, had asked whether Islam permits cow slaughter, trading in cows, bulls and calves and use of its skin for business.

Israr wrote there are many beef eaters in UP and butchers are doing a thriving business despite state government banning cow slaughter.

After a three-member committee looked into the issue, Mufti Rehman said Shariat disallowed anything against law. "Cow slaughter, therefore, was "najayaz" even though Islam allows beef-eating," the fatwa said. It said any act which brings bad name to the community or evokes possibility of imprisonment is "haram" should be avoided.

The fatwa is expected to have wide repercussions as it comes from Saharanpur, the town where the Darul-Uloom is situated. The area has maximum number of Muslim-owned slaughter houses and tanneries.

The Centre banned cow slaughter in 1955. UP issued an ordinance in December 2001 declaring cow slaughter illegal. This was followed by Uttar Pradesh Prevention of Cow Slaughter Act 2002, making the offence punishable by imprisonment from seven to 10 years or a fine upto Rs 10,000.

The community leaders have welcomed the fatwa calling it an important development for the Hindu-Muslim amity. Noted activist Javed Anand said: "Muslims should respect Hindu sentiments and avoid cow slaughter. Influential seminary's fatwa would go a long way in ensuring this."

Anand said there was nothing new about the fatwa as Muslim leaders have repeatedly sought compliance to the anti-cow slaughter law. "The fatwa should have come earlier, but better late than never. It's a welcome move," he said.

"The Indian Constitution has given us equal rights including the freedom to religion and it's important for us to respect it and abide by its cow slaughter prohibition. Muslims around the country should ensure that they abide by the law prohibiting cow slaughter," Rajya Sabha member and Jamiat Ulama-I-Hind general secretary Maulana Mahmood Madani said.

HinduRevolution Site Adds:
We congratulate all the Muslim Friends for making such statements.
It will restore the lost belief of Hindus towards the Muslims(At least I Hope)
Because Still Hindus Belief :

Ishwar Allah Tere Naam, Sab Ko Sanmati De Bhagwaan,
Sab Ko Sanmati De Bhagwaan, Sara Jag Teri Santaan,
And Muslims Shout 5 times a Day:
La ilaha illallah

Thus when Hindus belief that Ishwar Allah is the same entity,Muslims follow fanatic version of Islam 
saying There is no Deity except Allah. 

This can not be secularism.

Pigs are banned entirely in some Muslim countries including Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates and Libya. So why cann’t cow slaughter be banned in India?

Remember what The Holy Vedas told us:

Yo aghnyaayaa bharati ksheeramagne teshaam sheershaani harasaapi vrishcha
Rigveda 10.87.16

Those who feed on human, horse or animal flesh and those who destroy milk-giving Aghnya cows should be severely punished.

Monday, August 29, 2011

The Five Great Daily Duties

Taken from Maharishi Swami Dayanand Sarawati`s masterpiece `Light of Truth

The five great daily duties are,

  1. Worship of God;
  2. Homa and duty towards the learned;
  3. Service of one's parents and other learned and righteous persons;
  4. Duty towards animals and the poor and helpless, and
  5. Duty towards the altruistic teachers of humanity and ordinary guests, i.e., to show them proper respect and serving them to the utmost of one's power and means. -Tr.

    other words, his mind ought to be the repository of Vedic learning and devotion to God." MANU 2: 27. Without the practice of the these an individual is never entitled to be called a Brahman
    "As skilful driver keeps his horses under control , even so should a wise man keep his senses - which are apt to lead both mind and soul into the pursuit of wicked objects - under complete control." MANU 2: 88.
    "Verily, that man alone can achieve his heart's desire who is a master of his senses; he who allows himself to become their slave soon loses* his character." MANU 2: 93.
    "A man of low character can never succeed in acquiring knowledge of the Veda; in keeping up his vows of celibacy, truthfulness, etc.; nor in fulfilling his duties towards duties towards man and God, keeping control over his passions and desires, being steadfast in his devotion to truth and righteousness, and performing good deeds." MANU 2:97
    "There should be no omission in the study of the Veda and performance of the Five Great Daily Duties and other good works even on holidays, as there is no omission in the act of respiration without risk to life, so there can be no omission of one's daily duties; a good deed done even on an Anadhayaaya - so called day of exemption from study, etc., cannot but bear good fruit." MANU 2: 105, 106.
    As it is always a sin to tell a lie, and always a virtue to speak the truth, a man should on all days shun vice and practise virtue.

    *Literally, becomes addicted to great vices. - Tr.

    "He who has a sweet and amiable disposition and serves the wise and old with all his heart, continually gains in knowledge, reputation and strength and enjoys a long life." MANU 4: 121. Whilst he that is otherwise, never advances in knowledge, etc.
    "Let a wise man bear malice to no living soul and let him show all men the path that leads to true happiness, let his speech be sweet and kindly, let him be truthful in word, deed, and thought. This alone can lead to the spread of truth and righteousness. Verily, he alone can have a true conception of the teachings of the Vedaas whose mind and speech are pure and well under control." MANU 2: 159, 160.
    "That Brahmana alone is said to possess true knowledge of the Veda and God, who shuns the world's applause like poison and courts its censure like immortality." MANU 2: 162
    "Thus let the twice-born students (male and female) who had there Upanayana performed go on gradually acquiring knowledge of the Vedaas, which is their highest duty." MANU 2: 164.
    "A Dwija as well as his children who, instead of studying the Veda, wastes his time in doing other things soon goes down to the level of a Shoodra(lowest in character)." MANU 2: 168.

    "A Brahmachaari (male or female) should abstain from meat and alcohol, perfumes, garlands of flowers, tasty foods and drinks, the company of the opposite sex, sour articles and injury to all living things, from anointing the body and handling the reproductive organ unnecessarily, from the use of collyrium, from the use of boots and shoes and of an umbrella, or a sunshade, from harbouring low passions such as anger, avarice, carnal passion, infatuation, fear, sorrow, jealousy, malice , from singing, dancing, playing gambling, gossiping, lying and back-biting, from looking upon women (with the eye of lust), and embracing them, and from doing harm to other people, and indulging in such other evil habits. Let every student sleep alone and never lose his reproductive element. He who loses it through passion breaks his vow of Brahmacharya."MANU 2: 177 - 180.

    cultivation of any skill or talent you may possess. Never be indifferent to the acquisition of wealth, power, etc. Never neglect your duty to serve your father, mother, teacher, and all preachers of the true religion (atithi). Love virtue and shun vice. Imbibe our virtues, not our faults and imperfections. Always keep the company of those Brahmans (wise men) amongst us who are learned and imbued with piety; put your trust in them and them only. Be charitable. Give - in faith or without faith. For fame, or through shame, give. Give - whether through fear of public opinion, or simply for keeping your word.
    Always give. If you are ever in doubt as to the truth of any practice of religion, or a doctrine, or mode of divine worship, follow the practice of those highly virtuous Brahmans, whether Yogis or not, who are free from prejudice, charitable in disposition, and well versed in philosophy and science (physical and spiritual), and extremely desirous of furthering the cause of righteousness. This the advice. This the commandment. This is the mandate of the Vedas. Aye, this is the Law. Follow this advice. Obey the Law." TAITREYA UPNISHAD 7, 11:1-4
    Let all bear in mind that "even the most insignificant action, in this world, is impossible without a desire on the part of the doer. Therefore, whatever a man does is the outcome of his will." MANU 2: 4.
    "Character or righteous living as taught by the Vedas, as well as, Smritis* in conformity with Vedas, is the highest virtue.

    *Writings of Aptas in conformity with the Veda.
    (An Apta is a pious, truthful, unprejudiced, hones and learned man.) - Tr.

    is the end-all and be-all of all reading and reciting, studying, teaching and preaching. Let a man, therefore, always walk in the path of righteousness. He that swerves from it can never enjoy true happiness - which is born of strict adherence to the conduct of life enjoined by the Veda. He alone enjoys, all true happiness, who requires, knowledge and leads a righteous life." MANU 1: 108, 109
    "He is an atheist, and a slanderer of the Vedas, who disparages their teachings, as well as the writings of true teachers in conformity with the Vedas. He should be excluded from good society, aye, even expelled out of the country, (if necessary)."MANU 2: 11
    "The Vedaas, the Smrities, the practice of men, good and true, in conformity with the Vedas - the Word of God, and the satisfaction of one's own soul - these undoubtedly, are the four criteria of true religion, which enable one to distinguish between Right and Wrong" MANU 2: 12.
    Equitable dealings, the acceptance of truth and the rejection of untruth, under all circumstances, constitute the true conduct of life; or Religion,* and the reverse of this is Irreligion
    "It is only those, who stand aloof form the headlong pursuit of both wealth and carnal pleasures, that can ever attain a knowledge of true religion. It is the duty of everyone, who aspires after this object to determine, what true

    * word used in the text is Dharma which is a very comprehensive term. If translated into the guiding principle of all human activities, it may give some idea to the reader as to its meaning. - Tr.

    Teachers ashould instil the aforesaid teachings into the minds of their pupils. They should take care that they do not neglect the education of Classes other than Braahmans, viz,/ - Princes and other Kshatriyaas, Vaishyaas, and intelligent Shoodras. Because, if Brahmans only were to acquire knowledge, there could be no advance in knowledge, religion, and government, nor increase in wealth, for Braahmans, whose sole duty is to acquire knowldge and disseminate it, depend for their living on Kshatriyaas, etc., to whom they are law-givers.
    Brahmans would be relieved of all restraint and fear from Kshatriyaas, who, being uneducated, would be quite incapable of judging the soundness or unsoundness of their teachings. They would thus gradually use their power for theri own selfish ends, drift into hypocrisy and do whatever they lied and their example would be followed by other Classes. But when Kshatriyaas and other Classes are also well educated, Brahmansstudy still harder to keep ahead ot the other Classes and walk in righteousness.
    They could never then falsely teach and lead selfish, hypocritical lives. It follows, therefore, that it is in their own interest, as well as that of the community at large, to try their best to teach the Veda and other true sciences and philosophies to the Kshatriyaas and other Classes, that are thr real cause of advance in knowledge, religion, and government, and of increase in wealth, etc. They never live on alms, and, therefore, can have no reason to be partial in religious or scientific matters. When all Classes are well educated and cultured, no one can set up any false, fraudulent, and irreligious practices.
    All this goes to prove that it is the Brahmans, and the Sanyaasis, who keep Kshatriyaas and others in proper order and vice versa. Therefore all persons of all Classes should be given good and sound education and be well instructed in the principle of true religion.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Indians Hindus Celebrated Janmashtami under Threat of Islamic and Christian Terrorists

Shameful isn't it? Hindus are over 80% of India and still they have to celebrate their festival  under threat of Islamic and Christian Terrorists. World's largest Secular democracy has been showing its result in the last few decades.

Even Hindus of Muslim Bangladesh are united and celebrated Janmashtami with Joy
( Source ). Same in Pakistan also (Source). But alas! Indian Hindus are not united. They have been Crastrated by their Pseudo Secular Leader. Minority Appesement politics is showing its outcome.

Have we get any news that Hindus of Bangladesh and Pakistan are attacking Muslim Festivals?

Hindu Existence website Reports:

Hindus in Manipur celebrated Janmashtami despite Christian Economy blockade.

"'Imphal : 24th August 2011 || Hindus in Manipur this year celebrated Janmashtami (22/08/2011), despite economic blockade by some Christian sects continuously putting hurdles to perform sanantana activities in Manipur and the entire North East region. Though Hindu devotees visited Temples offering flowers and praying to Krishna’s birth day in a very auspicious and delightful manner. 

Dance and musical programmes depicting Krishna Ras Lila were organised in ISCKON Temple situated at Airport Road in Imphal, Hanuman Thakur temple, Kalibari temple and Govinda Temple situated inside Kangla Fort Complex.

Still about 60% of Manipuri people are Hindus belonging to Meitis commumnity who are predominantly Vaishnavites and rest are Christians. Christians belong to various castes like Nagas, Kukis etc. Instigated by some subversive  foreign  agencies having roots to European Christian Countries and China too, some anti Hindu militant forces are very active in this region to suppress all the Hindus customs from Hindu day to day life.
The Naga Christian caste imposed an indefinite economic blockade in several parts of Manipur against the division of Senapati district and creation of Sadar Hills District.

Majority of Senapati district are Christians belonging to Naga  and Kuki sects.
People belonging to Kuki Christian sect are demanding that the Sadar Hills subdivision in Senapati should be upgraded to district status, which Naga Christians do not like.
The Nagas living in the hill districts of Manipur, on the other hand, have been opposing the creation of the district without their consent.
Due to this Naga Christian economic blockade, a cooking gas cylinder is being sold for more than Rs 1,000 while a litre of petrol costs Rs 110.
Though it is simply a rift between the two Christian sects of Naga and Kuki ethnic groups, the Naga Christian did not allow to lift the imposed the economic  blockade during the Janmashtami celebration in Manipur which has a massive  Vaishnavite all along.

In 2006, some militants of suspected Christian War Group (CWG) exploded a grenade in the ISKCON temple in Imphal on 16th august during same Janmashtami festival, killing at least 4 (four) people and leaving 40 others injured.
In the entire North East the Christian Evangelists are too active in conversion and to promote a Christian Land in NE with hand to hand of the subversive militant groups. In various places in North East the Christian Groups have imposed ban to wear Hindu dress and symbols, Durga and Saraswati Puja and Hindu customs in public.
Related reading from ISKCON NEWS : Young Survivor Of Terror Attack At ISKCON Set To Take Centre Stage Again."

(Courtesy: hinduexistence website)

Same thing echoed in Madya Pradesh. This time it is Islamic Jehadies.

Riots at Jabalpur
Riots at Jabalpur

 A massive vehicle rally organised by various Hindu organisations was first stopped by stone pelting and then attacked by the Muslim elements at Jabalpur in Madhya Pradesh on the eve of Janmashtami on 20 August.
A vehicle rally was organised on the instance of Janmashtami at Jabalpur. It got massive support by the devotees and local people. The rally proceeded peacefully in various parts of Jabalpur. As this rally approached the Muslim dominated Naya Mohalla area, suddenly heavy stone pelting started. As it got stopped by the stone pelting, a group of Muslim youth attacked the devotees and people in the rally. Ten devotees including senior police officer Rajesh Dandotia is reported to be seriously injured in this attack. Many vehicles were severely damaged. Situation is now tensed but under control. Section 144 is imposed in various areas of the city.
Residents are now saying that Jabalpur which has a history of peaceful social environment has got spoilt with this event. It is observed that this was a well-planned attack by the unknown local Muslim elements. 

(Courtesy: News Bharati  )

In West Bengal,Under the rule of Begum Mamata Muslims find a perfect place to make Dar Ul Islam.

What will be the fate of Hindus in Mathurapur?

It’s no longer a secret ………… even a minute and futile break can be exploited by Islamic fundamentalists to pounce on Hindus. And to save own skin and kith and kin Hindus have to build up strong resistance movements. But this is also not an easy task; if it had been, hapless Hindus in Mathurapur would have remained safe and sound. What has taken place in Mathurapur manifests that Hindus have become latest casualty in democratic India.
Here is the truth.
That the Hindu festival of Janmasthami Puja (celebration of Lord Krishna’s birthday) could be a source of annoyance for Muslims in the vicinity was first comprehended when a Hindu-Muslim schism took place in the village Purba Ranaghata, P.S. Mathurapur, Lalpar area, District: 24 Paraganas (South) on August 22, 2011. However, Hindus did not apprehend any such trouble since Bhagavat Path, to celebrate the pious occasion, happening nightlong on August 21, 2011 and widely circulated through microphone, was unchallenged.
But the situation became different on Monday, August 22, 2011. At 2 pm a few children were playing with some plastic chairs before the podium of celebration and a child, by coincidence, left a chair in the thoroughfare. A Muslim cycle van driver (Saddam Hussain Gharami), while driving in a little while, faced obstacles as a result and he threw the chair scolding Hindus.
Bapi Paik, a Hindu youth present there, protested loudly against this leading to an attack on him by Saddam. There was a brawl between the two soon, getting violent increasingly and such was its extent that Saddam didn’t hesitate to push his mother (lone passenger in the van) aside brutally, when the later was trying to stop the battle royal.
Saddam, after a few minutes, retuned to the same spot with Islamic thugs (at least 200) and attacked Bapi’s family decisively and violently. In this lethal attack, all male members of Paik family, including Bapi, Dilip Paik – his father, Judhisthir Paik – his uncle, were heavily wounded and they were left dumbfounded. But the strong Islamic contingent did not retract once and for all. Between 2 pm and 5 pm they came back for 8 times in a row and during their absence, Muslim children were keeping watch on the Paik family.
To have justice, Paik family members went to Rezzaq Haldar, head of the local Panchayat at 5.45 pm. He listened to both Hindus and Muslims and to find out the reality, a meeting was convened in residence of Mocha Gharami, father of Saddam, within the next 1 hour. Nevertheless, both Bapi and his brother, being terrified, skipped the meeting. Muslims in the meeting refused to accept judgment in their absence. Hence, it was decided there that the final meeting would take place on August 23, 2011.
On August 23, 2011, during evening, the meeting took place in “Pragati Sangha”, a primary school in the village. But it turned out to be a different scene altogether. When the Paik family members were elucidating tortures on them, Muslims termed it as a blatant tall tale and were all set to thrash the entire family once more.
They put off electric supply in the entire area and came down more heavily on the members of Paik family. Even Rezzaq Haldar was not spared also. Police, when phoned, rushed to the spot but Rezzaq Haldar, in spite of repeated asking of police, preferred to stay mum.
Members of the Paik family were found severely wounded and were sent to the hospital close at hand by the police. Mathrapur Hospital refused to admit Bapi Paik due to his excessive injury. He was transferred to Diamond Harbor Hospital and as per latest information, his life is at stake.
When there was an approach to lodge an FIR in P.S. Mathurapur by Hindus, it was deferred citing the change of Officer-in-Charge of the police station.
The situation is tense in the village still. Hindus are regrouping there to avert deadlier Islamic attacks.

South Bengal Herald)

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Hindu Girl forcefully Converted to Islam in Bangladesh

This poor girl is a Victim of Islamic Jehadies

15 year old Hindu schoolgirl kidnapped -forcefully converted to Islam
Courtesy: Rabindra Ghosh President-Bangladesh Minority Watch (BDMW)

Bangladesh Minority Watch (BDMW) investigated a case of abduction of Ms. Suchitra Rani Chakraborty (Tumpa) aged about 15 years, a Hindu School Student of Class X of Hilly Hakimpur Pilot Secondary School at Dinajpur District of Bangladesh on receipt of an appeal made by the father of the victim girl. In-spite of repeated requests police neglected to recover the victim girl from the unlawful possession of Muslim perpetrators nor any perpetrators has been arrested.

1.Name of the victim : Ms.Suchitra Rani Chakraborty (Tumpa-Age-15)
2.Father's Name : Sree Niren Chakraborty
3.Age of the victim : 15 years as per school certificate.
4.Location of the victim : Village : Chandipur, Hakimpur Police Station, District-Dinajpur
5.Date of occurrence : 13.07.2011 at about 7 a.m.
6.Name of the perpetrators : 1) Mohammad Hadiuzzaman (20)
2) Mohammad Rubel Hossain (25)
3) Mohammad Habibur Rahman (55)
4) Mohammad Milon Meah (45)
5) Mohammad Ziarul Islam (38)
6) Mohammad Shahidul Islam (48), and more unknown 5-7 perpetrators. All accused are from Birampur Upaziila of Dinajpur District.

7.Date of investigation : On 5th August,2011

8.Name of the complainant : Niren Chakraborty ( father of the victim)
9.Case Number : Niren Chakraborty lodged FIR at Hakimpur Police station on 17.07.2011 ( Hakimpur P.s., case No.11 dated 16.07.11
under section 7/30 of Nari-O-Shishu Nirjatan Ain,2003 ( Children and Woman Repression Act)


As per allegations lodged by Mr.Niren Chakraborty it is clear that the victim girl had gone to attend her Pilot school on 13.07.2011 at about 7. a.m. but she did not return at her home as she was abducted by above noted perpetrators on way to cemented road with the leadership of Mohammad Hadiuzzamn. Mr. Niren Chakraborty went to the house of perpetrator No.3 Mohammad Habibur Rahman who confessed his guilt and assured father of the victim to return back his daughter, but he along with other co-perpetrators refused to return back his minor daughter.

As the victim was not handed over to Mr.Niren Chakraborty as per commitment of the other perpetrators he lodged first information report (FIR) before Officer in Charge of Hakimpur police station at Dinajpur district on 17.07.2011 under section 7/30 of Nari-O-Shishu Nirjatan Ain,2003 against above six perpetrators to recover the victim, but the officer charge of Hakimpur did not recover the school girl from the custody of the kidnappers nor arrested any perpetrators till 5th of August,2011.

I communicated with the Superintendent of Police, Dinajpur and the Officer in charge of Hakimpur police station on 7th of August,2011 and they all informed me that the perpetrators would be arrested very soon and police did not as yet identify where the victim residing. In the meantime perpetrators are trying to manufacture anti dated documents to show that the victim has got consent to be converted as Muslim. This mal-practice should be stopped by law enforcing agencies to protect the chastity of the Hindu girl.

Just now I came to know that one of the perpetrators has been arrested by police after the intervention by Bangladesh Minority Watch from Dhaka.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Enemy Property Act of Bangladesh:The Biggest State Sponsored Terrorism Against A Peaceful Community

Enemy Property Act allows Muslims to grab Hindu Property

Awami League leader Suranjit Sengupta

Suranjit Sengupta, a lawmaker and Bangladesh Awami League advisory council member, on Friday said that none should take it as granted that the minority community would always remain a vote bank for a particular political party. Issuing the warning, Suranjit demanded that the vested property should be restored to their original owners or their successors without delay. Addressing a rally in Chittagong marking the Janmashtami, the birthday of Lord Krishna, he also sought prime minister Sheikh Hasina’s intervention for immediate enactment of a fresh law on restoration of the vested property. ‘Nothing is being done without your intervention . So you have to take the responsibility to enact a fresh law to restore the vested property to their rightful owners,’ said Suranjit, also chairman of the parliamentary standing committee on law, justice and parliamentary affairs. He said he did not believe the draft bill seeking amendment to the Vested Property Restoration Act, now pending with parliament, would ensure restoration of vested property. ‘Rather the minority Hindus will again be cheated if the bill is passed as it is worse than the Enemy Property Act enacted during the Pakistani colonial rule,’ Suranjit said. The minority people would not accept the proposed amendment to the Vested Property Restoration Act, he said and warned that they would take to the streets if the bill was passed by Jatiya Sangsad.

Enemy Property Act (Vested Property) in Bangladesh is probably the worst state sponsored terrorism against a minority community in the world.

On September 6, 1965, a war broke out between Pakistan and India. An ordinance called “Defense of Pakistan Ordinance” (Ordinance xxiii of 1965) was promulgated to provide special measures to ensure the security, the public safety, interest and the defense of the state of Pakistan. Since the country was threatened by war, Emergency was also proclaimed in the country. Under the provisions of the Emergency powers and the “Defense of Pakistan Rules” (DPR), the Government of Pakistan passed an executive order on September 9, 1965 named the Enemy Property (Custody and Regulation) Order II of 1965 and there was a cease-fire on September 22, 1965 and the Indo-Pak war came to an end after the Tashkent Declaration.

The then East Pakistan Government also made an order in 1966 under Rule 161 titled the “East Pakistan Enemy Property (Lands and Building) Administration and Disposal Order” of 1966. Though the war between Pakistan and India came to an end after the Tashkent Declaration, there existed a controversy regarding the question whether there had been an end of war situation between Pakistan and India in the absence of a formal Peace Treaty. Using that controversy, both the central and provincial governments continued to keep the aforesaid orders operative by amending them from time to time. Apparently, the innocent law of war-time, in practice, was implemented completely in a different manner and direction. It created a panic among the Hindu minorities due to historical family ties, some of whose close relations were Indian nationals/residents. At one stage in 1968, the Supreme Court of Pakistan asked the Government of Pakistan to explain its viewpoint on the said Act as the Supreme Court considered it as a political question to be answered by the Government of Pakistan (21 DLR (SC) page -20). However the Government of Pakistan did not formulate its viewpoint on this question till the independence of Bangladesh. The state of Emergency declared in 1965 was lifted on February 16, 1969. It was expected that with the withdrawal of Emergency, the Enemy Property Law should not remain valid. But the Government of Pakistan promulgated a new Ordinance named the Enemy Property (Continuance of Emergency Provision) Ordinance, 1969 (Ordinance No. I of 1969) on the very day of the lifting of Emergency. On March 25, 1969, Martial Law was promulgated by General Yahya Khan. He cancelled the then existing constitution on April 1, 1969. Again in order to maintain previous Enemy Property Ordinance, a new Ordinance was incorporated with retrospective effect from March 25, 1969. Thus the most discriminatory law against the minority Hindu community in Bangladesh remained in force till the beginning of liberation war on March 26, 1971.
Transformation of Enemy Property into Vested Property--Old Wine in a New Bottle
The proclamation of independence and formation of the Provincial Government of Bangladesh took place at Mujibnagar on April 10, 1971 and the order named Laws of Continuance Enforcement Order, 1971 was promulgated on the same day purporting to keep in force all the Pakistani laws which were in force in the then East Pakistan on or before March 25, 1971. In other words, Ordinance No. I of 1969, which does not fit with the spirit of proclamation of independence of Bangladesh, automatically remained ineffective in the new state. Bangladesh was not a successor state of Pakistan. On the contrary, Bangladesh established itself by waging a war of independence against Pakistan.
Immediately after liberation, the Government of Bangladesh enforced on March 26, 1972, the Bangladesh Vesting of Property and Assets Order, 1972 (Order 29 of 1972) By this order, the properties left behind by the Pakistanis and the erstwhile enemy properties were combined to a single category. However, in 1974 the Government of Bangladesh passed the Enemy Property (Continuance of) Emergency Provisions (Repeal) Act, Act XLV of 1974, repealing Ordinance I of 1969. But despite the fact of repealing Ordinance I of 1969 (Exhibit-II) all enemy properties and firms which were vested with the custodian of enemy property in the then East Pakistan remained vested in the Government of Bangladesh under the banner of vested property. At the some time, Government also enacted another law namely the Vested and Non-resident Property (Administration) Act (Act XLVI) of 1974. This act, as shown in (Exhibit-III) was enacted to provide the management of certain properties and assets of the persons who are non-residents of Bangladesh or have acquired a foreign nationality. Though the principal aim of the Act XLVI of 1974 was to identify and take over the properties of those residents who left Bangladesh during/immediately after liberation war and/or took foreign citizenship, in practice this Act XLVI of 1974 was also widely used against Hindu minorities who had no connection with Pakistan for quite valid and obvious reasons.
In November 1976, the Government of Bangladesh repealed previous Act No. XLVI of 1974 by Ordinance XCII of 1976 (Exhibit-and with a retrospective effect from the date of enactment amended the Act XCIII of 1976 empowered the Government not only to administer and manage the vested properties, but also to dispose of a transfer the same on long term basis. All the Acts prior to Ordinance XCIII of 1976 (including Ordinance I of 1969 empowered the Government only to become the custodian and to preserve enemy property in contemplation of arrangements to be made in the conclusion of peace with India. But the Ordinance XCII of 1976 made the Government owner of vested properties instead of protector of the same. Thus, the Government encroached the right of ownership, which is a gross violation of the existing laws pertaining to the right to private ownership. These steps undertaken by the military dictator had several dimensions all related to the strengthening of the political-base of the vested groups. First the military rulers wanted to accelerate the process of Islamization, and eliminate the spirit of Bengali nationalism built-upon secularism and developed and rooted through the war of independence of 1971. Second, the military dictators wanted to create a feeling of panic and insecurity among the 9.7 million Hindus (census 1974) as they were considered to be the bridge of Bengali nationalism, culture and spirit. Third the military wanted to establish a strong foothold of the ruling Government and the power mechanism with the local level power structure by providing them the right to acquire vested properties in exchange for collaboration with the Government. Fourth, the military ruler wanted to divert the attention of the economically rising strata of the society from the current socio-political development and by engaging them in the procurement of the property of the emigrant Hindus. It must be mentioned here that in a densely populated country like Bangladesh, getting a chance of acquiring real estate- the prime resource, is considered a great opportunity. All the above stated objectives of the military dictator were accomplished to a great extent.
In 1984 the then president of Bangladesh Lt General Hossain Mohammad Ershad and Chief Martial Law Administrator announced in a conference with the representatives of the Hindu community that henceforth no new property would be declared as vested property and the properties already enlisted as vested would not be disposed off any more. He also pledged that unless there was any legal bar, the enlisted property would be managed in accordance with the existing Hindu Law of Inheritance. Furthermore the pledge included the declaration that no deity property (i.e. property under Hindu temples and other institutions), property dedicated by Hindu families to Brahmins and the property belonging to the Hindu cremation places would not be disposed off or leased out without the concurrence of the Government. The circular directed the Deputy Commissioners to implement the presidential pledge with effect from 21-6-1990 in the sample unions. The total instances of dispossession related to the Enemy or Vested Property Act among 161 sample respondents during the year 1965-1995 were 179. Over 15 per cent of the total instances that took place during 1982-90 period proved that the above stated pledges and circulars were of declaratory nature only. Furthermore, during the field exploration, a big category of affected persons was found to have not been included in the Vested Property list prepared earlier. The respondents of this category were enjoying their property without any hindrance from the Government till late 1980’s and were paying relevant taxes to the Government. However, in early 1990’s, they were informed that as their properties belong to the category of ‘Vested Property’, no taxes could be received from them against those properties. From the Government side, no notice was served to the owners of this category of property. Moreover, these properties were also not leased out. It has been identified that such strange inclusion of property in the vested category, commonly known as ‘red marked’ properties, started taking place since late 1980’s and was practiced all over the country. For obvious reasons, it would have been difficult for the district administration all over Bangladesh to violate the Government circulars at a time without proper knowledge of the then Government and/or instructions from the some.
Two Paradoxes Related to the Law of Vested Enemy Properties
Paradox-I: It may be recalled from my previous analyses that the term ‘enemy’ here related has its root in the Defense of Pakistan Rule of 1965 and in the East Pakistan Enemy Property (Lands and Buildings) Administration and Disposal Order of 1966.
On March 23, 1974 the Government of Bangladesh passed two acts in this connection. The first of these two repealed (abolished) the relevant “Enemy Property Ordinance” of Pakistan and vested the properties already enlisted as ‘enemy properties’ in the Government i.e., the management and administration of previous ‘enemy properties’ were entrusted with the government of Bangladesh. The second act, on the other hand, brought the properties of non-residents under the vested category. The second act created scope for fresh enlistment of some properties, including the properties of religious minorities residing in India (no matter whether they were residing on permanent or temporary basis), though this act was not intended exclusively for the religious minorities.
The analysis presented above implies that (a) legally, there can be no new enlistment of properties under the enemy/vested/non-resident category after March 23, 1974. But in spite of this fact, fresh enlistment is still continuing through various government circulars issued from time to time thereafter, (b) the government became the owner of already vested (enemy) properties which is questionable from legal perspective.
Paradox-2: Bangladesh is supposed to be at war with India since 1965: The People’s Republic of Bangladesh is neither a part nor a successor of Pakistan. It severed its ties with Pakistan through its heroic liberation struggle and achieved independence 29 years back, neither Bangladesh nor India waged/declared war against each other. So logically the enemy of Pakistan (i.e. India) cannot be an enemy of Bangladesh. But by virtue of the continuance enforcement order promulgated on 10th of April 1971 all the laws operative in the then Pakistan on or before March 25, 1971 remained valid in the People’s Republic of Bangladesh. Though the Enemy Property Act of Pakistan was repealed/amended through various acts/ordinances enacted or promulgated after the Independence of Bangladesh, no government of Bangladesh so far repealed the effectiveness of the Defence of Pakistan Ordinance (XXIII of 1965) of 1965. As a result Bangladesh still remains at a state of war with India. Unless the Enemy/Vested Property Acts are abolished, the harassment of Hindu citizens of Bangladesh would be a never ending process.
The Vested Property Act and the Constitution of Bangladesh
The Vested Property Act is anti-constitutional. Some of the major aspects of the law are as follows:-
Article 11 of the Constitution: Fundamental principles of state policy proclaim that the republic shall be a democracy in which the fundamental human rights and freedom and respect for the dignity and worth of human person shall be guaranteed.
Article 27 of the Constitution: Fundamental rights chapter of the constitution proclaims that "All citizens are equal before law and entitled to equal protection of law."
It is a fact, not a fiction that certain group of people numbered in millions, even in the nineties of the twentieth century, were incorporated as ‘enemies’ of the country in the truest understanding of the word and were evicted from their and/or (both in de facto and/or de jure) ancestor’s property in violation to the Hindu law of inheritance and the law of ownership of the Hindu joint family. The constitution however has provided the persons of such category also with the right to live under the rule of law and ensured them all the fundamental human rights as mentioned above. It is in contravention to the right of equality before law and entitlement of equal protection of law guaranteed by constitution. The right and privilege of citizens are grossly violated for the said segment of citizens who cannot even seek for relief from the court as the continuance of Defense of Pakistan Rule of 1965 under different names and circulars does not permit them to do so.
Article 2A of the constitution proclaims that "The state religion of the Republic is Islam", at the same time, guarantees that "other religion may be practiced in peace and harmony in the Republic." Also part III of the constitution captioned "Fundamental Rights" bears Article 2 (I) which declares that "The state shall not discriminate against any citizen on the grounds only for religion, race, caste, sex or place of birth."
The vested property act with all its attributes is a gross violation of all the above stated articles in constitution. Firstly, it is a deliberate discrimination to certain section of manifold citizens of Bangladesh due to their religious belief. Secondly, it is contradictory to the right of practicing other religions in peace and harmony in the country. Thirdly, it appears that if anybody practicing Hinduism falls in the category of "enemy of Pakistan" and changes his/her belief and be converted to Islam, then under the earlier mentioned circular, the person is cleared from being incorporated as enemy. Finally, the places of worship of the Hindus (equivalent to places of public uses) could be vested according to so-called location of God or deity. This is a bitter obstacle for the followers of God to practice their religion smoothly, without any interference.
Article 13(c) guaranteed "private ownership, that is ownership by individuals within such limits as may be prescribed by law". Article 25(1) proclaimed that: "The state shall uphold the right of every people freely to determine and build up its own social, economic and political system by ways and means of its own free choice; and © support oppressed peoples throughout the world waging a just struggle against imperialism, colonialism or racialism."
From the analysis presented above, it is evident that the de facto continuance of the law of vested property (though formally repealed in 1974) contradicts the spirit of the proclamation of Independence and at least nine articles of the constitution, and therefore, adequate immediate measures should be taken by the law-makers and the Supreme Court of Bangladesh to recourse the prevailing undesirable situation.
Missing Hindu population- A Major Effect of Enemy and Vested Property Acts
Mass out-migration of Hindu population (mostly to India) during mid-1960’s and thereafter is a reality beyond doubt. Among the various factors responsible for such mass out-migration of Hindu population, the effects of Enemy Property Act and Vested Property Act were important ones. The exact effect of all these factors (e.g. communal riots, Indo-Pak War of 1965, Enemy and Vested Property Acts) is difficult to assess because of a lack of relevant and reliable information. Thus, an attempt has been made to estimate the missing Hindu population using appropriate assumptions.
The size of out-migration was different during various historic periods. For example, the approximate size of the missing Hindu population was as high as 703 persons per day during 1964-1971, 537 persons per day during 1971-1981, and 439 persons per day during 1981-1991. It the above estimates are close to reality, then the inference emerges that the Enemy and Vested Property Acts acted as an effective mechanism for the extermination of Hindu minorities from their motherland, and thereby, affected the process of social-capital formation in our country.
Hindu Properties Continue to be 'Vested' - a Recent Observation
Professor Abul Barkat
The cry of Bangladeshi Hindus remains unheard

Nearly two lakh Hindus have lost 22 lakh acres of their land and houses during the last six years, a Dhaka University Professor Abul Barkat says in May 2007 .  At the current market price, the value of the 22 lakh acres of land (one acre roughly equals three bighas) that the Hindu families were displaced from is Tk 2,52,000 crore, which is more than half of the country’s gross domestic product, he says Some 12 lakh or 44 per cent of the 27 lakh Hindu households in the country were affected by the Enemy Property Act 1965 and its post-independence version, the Vested Property Act 1974.  Prof. Barkat points out that 53 per cent of the family displacement and 74 per cent of the land grabbing occurred before the country’s independence in 1971.                                      

 About 1.2 million households and 6 million people belonging to the Hindu community have been directly and severely affected by the Enemy/Vested Property Act. The community has lost 2.6 million acres of its own land in addition to other moveable and immovable property. The approximate money value of such loss (US $ 55 billion) would be equivalent to 75 per cent of the GDP of Bangladesh (at 2007 prices). The EPA/Vested Property Act has compelled Hindus to break family ties. Stress and strain, mental agony and a fuelling of religious fundamentalism have been the offshoot. The deprivation led to the growth of a communal mindset in what had been a historical secular climate and context.                                                                                               The Bangladeshi newspaper Daily Sangbad (21st March 1977) alleged that at that point in time, according to the government’s own figures, 702,335 acres (2,842 km²) of cultivable land and 22,835 homes were listed as enemy property.According to a report of the Land Ministry in October 2004,submitted to a parliamentary standing committee “445,726 acres of vested property out of 643,140 acres ended up in encroachment across the country. “Grabbers gabbled up more than two thirds of vested property as the government lost control over the lands as the custodian and its long-line dithering blocked anti-encroachment efforts,” the report said. (The Daily Star, 15 October 2004) Professor Abul Barkat and his co-authors have accurately projected the economic history, lapses in the land laws, willful negligence of the bureaucracy and greed of the politicians for property.                                                                                     

                           Prof Barkat found that no list of the people evicted or the quantum of lands grabbed on the basis of the Vested Property Act has been prepared till date. Instead, politically powerful people grabbed most of the land during the reign of the BNP-led alliance government between 2001 and 2006. Politically powerful people grabbed most of the Hindu lands during the reign of Begum Khaleda Zia’s.. Forty-five per cent of the land grabbers were affiliated with the BNP, 31 per cent with the Awami League, eight per cent with Jamaat-e-Islami and six per cent with the Jatiya Party and other political organisations, the New Age and the Daily Janakantha, on 27 May.07 quote Prof Barkat .The affected Hindu families met with more incidents of violence and repression in the immediate-past five years of the BNP-led government than in the previous five years of the Awami League government, the Barkat research report concludes. (NewAge,,Janakantha, Manabzamin, 27 May 2007)                                                                                                                                     

                                        The US State Department in its Human Rights Report in 2007 says: “During the year the government did not take any measures to implement the 2001 Vested Property Return Act providing for property restitution to persons, mostly Hindus, who had their property seized by the government after the 1965 India-Pakistan war”.                                                 USCIRF Report issued in May 2008 says : In light of Bangladesh’s upcoming national elections, currently scheduled for December 2008, the Commission recommends that the U.S. government should ask the Bangladesh Government to: repeal the Vested Property Act, discriminatory legislation that has been used unjustly to seize Hindu-owned property in the decades since Bangladesh’s independence and has continued to be used under successive governments to reward well-connected members of the majority community in Bangladesh.

1. BD NEWS 24
2. Articles by
Rabindranath Trivedi and Rabindra Ghosh.